What's with the lobster?

hen I was in college, a roommate started calling me her lobster, jokingly based on the Friends reference from Phoebe. The phrase stuck, and I began collecting lobster (and crab) things, and it's sort of become part of who I am now!


The red-haired ginger photographer!

Holly at work-001.jpg

Also featured on: Borrowed & Blue, Florists Review magazine, Hereford World magazine, and the Forbeyon blog; and you can find me on WeddingWire, WeDJ.com, and The Knot.com.

I'd love to get together over some tea (or coffee!) and see how we can work together on your wedding or senior session. I'm excited to collaborate!


If you're not local to Champaign-Urbana or surrounding areas, I'm happy to FaceTime, Skype, or chat on the phone as well.


Coming Soon:

Planning for Your Wedding Catering

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