2011-12 wedding pricing | C-U wedding photographer

My 3rd & 4th quarter pricing for the 2011 and 2012 wedding seasons will be released this Thursday, July 1. Please get any outstanding contracts to me by then to lock in the current pricing. I've added a NEW 4th package to the mix that will be the "everything but the kitchen sink" photography package that you won't want to miss! Also, I recently contacted all my current clients to let them know that I can now process credit card payments over the phone. You can also still pay by check or cash as well. I'm trying to phase out my use of Paypal for business transactions, and you can read some of the reasons why on the Cowbelly Pet Photography blog. If you have a few minutes, please go read why some of Paypal's practices are not fair to service-oriented businesses like mine! Fortunately, I haven't had this happen to me yet, but I can see how easily it can happen.