About Me : You're My Lobster


Sometime in college is when my obsession with lobsters began. I don’t fully remember the earliest details, but it had something to do with the Friends episode and Part 2 where Phoebe explains how lobsters mate for life and that Rachel is Ross’s lobster (which isn’t actually true, however. I read The Secret Life of Lobsters – so I know!). One of my college roommates (and 4-H House little sis) Cherie started calling me her lobster, and so it all began. I’ve been collecting lobsters ever since, and have garnered quite the collection. I have everything from cookie cutters, pajama pants, socks, stuffed toys to bottle openers, dishes, bags, swim trunks, t-shirts, rings, birthday cards, etc... We even had a pet lobster named Camille for a while earlier this year, but she sadly went to the Great Fish Tank in the Sky a couple weeks ago. She was a special electric blue lobster (really a crayfish) native to the Florida Everglades that lives in freshwater, so she fit right into our fish tank. I didn’t get a chance to get any “good” pictures with my big camera before she passed on, but I have a couple pretty good ones from Aaron’s iPhone that are posted below. You'll also see some photos of my two kiddos dressed up as lobsters -- Maximus for Halloween 2010 and Hadley just this week since we found the costume and then decided that she wouldn't fit in it come October. I'm glad we did it now! :)

We also have a pretty good assortment of crab-themed items at our house, and especially baby clothes because Carter’s Co. seems to love crabs as much as we love lobsters! Take a peek at my collection! lobster swim trunks shirts pajama pants Champaign-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0328 Champaign-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0329 Champaign-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0330 Champaign-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0331 Mahomet-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0335 Mahomet-HS-senior-photographer-lobster-collection_0336 (Also, after rummaging all around our house looking for said items, photographing them and returning them to their rightful homes, we couldn't help but have dinner at Red Lobster!)