Acquaintances to clients to friends

I think I first "met" Kristin & Tyler at a UI football tailgate at least a year ago... maybe longer. Then I really met them (and in fact sat at their table) at a wedding I photographed last October, which, coincidentally was about the same time I started blogging. They contacted me shortly after to hire me to do their own wedding which is coming up this November. Jump ahead to 2008 and I start bumping into them EVERYWHERE! It was so funny. I would see them at a restaurant after a basketball game (I think they may have even come to my unofficial birthday party!) and at two other weddings this summer. I guess you can say we all hang out in the same circles. :)

Now jump ahead to September 20, 2008 and Tyler & Kristin's engagement session. We of course had to snag the bye week since they're season ticket holders and I obviously take photos at the game. It was a no-brainer! I love doing e-sessions because it gives me a chance to get to know the couple more intimately and get a feel for their personalities before the hurriedness and anxiety of the wedding day. They were up for just about anything and I had them do a couple prototype shots for me and they didn't complain one bit! I hope you two enjoy the photos!!

We started at the ACES Library on campus: Kristin+Tyler Engagement Then moved onto the Quad: Kristin+Tyler Engagement Kristin+Tyler Engagement download english patient the dvdrip Eternal flame! For those who don't know the history behind this, legend has it that if you kiss your love in front of this flame, you will be together forever. Sadly, I don't think the flame was actually on that day (eternal, what?). Kristin+Tyler Engagement These two were I think my favorites from the session: Kristin+Tyler Engagement Kristin+Tyler Engagement new rose hotel download One of my prototypes... any brides need thank-you cards with their wedding package? :) Kristin+Tyler Engagement Man, this is so close to American Gothic it is KILLING me! Too bad we didn't have a pitchfork! Kristin+Tyler Engagement Kristin+Tyler Engagement

Prototype #2... Save the Date cards! This is actually killing two birds with one stone too, as I used one of my new PS actions on it... it's called Troy. It basically washes out everything but the red in the photo, enhances the red and makes the photo look old. Aaron and I were arguing about which old world movie it reminded us of more and he said Gladiator and I said 300. Ha! Kristin+Tyler aren't in need of Save the Date cards, but that didn't stop us! Kristin+Tyler Engagement One "safe" headshot... Look at those blue eyes! Kristin+Tyler Engagement And of course, a ring photo... Kristin+Tyler Engagement cheaper by the dozen dvdrip T+K, thanks for being such good sports and playing along!!!number one girl the download