Adoption Hearing | Champaign County Courthouse


Photographers often talk about “capturing moments” and being there for important life events and milestones.  Every once in a while I get the opportunity to photograph something truly special where I can really see that what I do matters.  Weddings and births always fit that bill, but in February I was privileged to photograph my first adoption hearing.  It was an awesome day!  Kaden, Jaden & Jazmin found their forever home with their new daddies Ken & Bobby after 1,010 days in foster care.

goofing around at courthouse candy for hyper kids behind the scenes adoption hearing redefine adoption my two dads more than one thousand days in foster care

We started out at the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana where we waited for the courtroom and judge to be ready.  While we waited, Ken & Bobby adjusted the kiddos’ clothes so they looked just right, they received a couple of gifts (books to keep them occupied!), and I snapped a few candids of them.  The hearing itself was very formal, but short, and after just a few minutes, the judge released everyone to celebrate while they finished up the paperwork. 

three kids found their forever home

princess Jazmin with her two daddies

We did a few photos outside the courthouse, and then headed on to Cracker Barrel (I wonder if Brad’s wife was still working there then??).  We had a delicious breakfast and the kids were much happier (especially princess Jazmin!) so we were able to do a couple more awesome group shots of the new family unit.  It was a wonderful, memorable morning!!

three sweet kiddos at Cracker Barrel new family photo after adoption hearing