Alexa | 2010 Senior photography

Alexa senior 2010Alexa's mom contacted me months ago about doing Alexa's senior photos. Neither of them was very sure of where they wanted to take their photos, but I had some great ideas in mind as always! These pictures are not in chronological order though, so the first picture is from Meadowbrook Park in Urbana. The light near this bench was perfect and was the very last spot we picked! So lucky! That shot is nearly straight out of the camera with the contrast punched up a bit. I told her it was my "Forrest Gump" pose.

She was getting tired of smiling at one point, but we were still able to get a genuine one here. :) Alexa senior 2010 One of the reasons I love shooting at Meadowbrook is the dark wood of the playground there. I also love this photo for Alexa's look and expression, which she did without any prodding (although I may have had her re-do it a couple times!). Alexa senior 2010 Alexa senior 2010 So serious! Alexa senior 2010 This was a little more lens flare than I was going for, but I still like the way it turned out. The sun was still a tad too high in the sky! Alexa senior 2010 Ahh, that's a little better! Alexa senior 2010 I love the way her hair fell in the jumping shots we took: Alexa senior 2010 I had been dying to shoot at the sky blue wall for ages. Alexa was the perfect opportunity! Alexa senior 2010 All dressed up and no where to go but this blue wall. :D Alexa senior 2010 We started the session at West Side Park in Champaign where they have some neat-o trees. Alexa senior 2010 Alexa senior 2010 Last one! And one of my favorites due to the mischievous look Alexa has! Alexa senior 2010

I have a few more dates left this fall for senior sessions if anyone is interested!