Ashley + Scott are getting married!

I've known Scott probably since he was about 4 years old. We were in the same 4-H club, his sister Tara (hi Tara!) is a really good friend of mine, and his grandma was my kindergarten teacher. Oh man, as I'm typing those things, I'm realizing that list goes on and on because we also showed cattle together and I have some great stories about Sid his dad. LOL... oh, memories. I don't know Ashley quite as well, but it seems like she and Scott have been dating FOREVER, so I have hung out with her a few times. My friend Shelley tagged along for the shoot as she wanted a behind-the-scenes look at a portrait session with Holly Birch Photography. Thanks for coming along Shelley! I hope you learned a couple things.

It's so cool to see people you know falling in love and taking the plunge. :) I know I have a VERY anxious Ashley waiting to see these, so here they are, in probably the longest set of favorites I've posted yet.

This pose was Shelley's idea: Scott + Ashley tripping the rift the movie divx download download knight s tale a dvd I had them do "serious" a few times and they rocked it! I have a feeling Ashley uses her sexy pose every once in a while. Or when she's mad at Scott. :) Scott + Ashley Scott + Ashley trade download This was a new pose that I tried. I think it turned out alright! Scott + Ashley Then we had Ashley pull Scott, to which Ashley said "This is more like it!" Scott + Ashley I love shots of grooms looking at their beautiful brides. Scott + Ashley Kissing on the dock Scott + Ashley

orgazmo divx movie online Swings!! Are you serious? Yes, please!! Scott + Ashley Then there was the covered bridge, which we took full advantage of. How can you pass up those red walls? Really, you can't. Scott + Ashley Scott + Ashley This is hot. I think I might order a 16x20 for my office. Scott + Ashley This is Ashley working my lens. Oh my goodness. Scott + Ashley

Thanks you guys for a great session even though it was kinda cold, there weren't many leaves, and we saw some snow flurries!