Baby Max continued

max_announce_blog free they do it with mirrorsHere's baby Max's birth announcement. I ended up removing the diaper line from his cute little bottom too. :) Here's big sister holding her new little brother. She wasn't sure at first what to do with her hands, but she did a great job! We got some great facial expressions out of her too. newborn session Big sister is a beautiful young lady herself, so precious little Max is in good company. Look at those big brown eyes and long lashes! newborn session Favorite!!! I'm ordering this one for myself it at least an 8x10. And I'm thinking about getting a canvas of it. My tiny little 10x10' office is going to be wall-to-wall canvases if I don't stop this addiction! newborn session watch rendition in divx He loved looking out the window. I don't think he turned his head the other way the entire session. newborn session Not a happy camper at this point. Poor little fella! newborn session

Same one as the sneak peek, only a little bolder and with his eyes open. I'd say that oval basket was a good business investment from Michael's! newborn session download ukm the ultimate killing machine divx cursed divx download