Behind on basketball posts

And this if my first test post of my new HUGE blog photos! Hey, 2009 brides! I bet you are anxious to see your gorgeous wedding portraits displayed the whole width of your browser window! ;) Just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, don't forget that my Valentine's Day Special is running through February 21st, which is two weeks from today! The special goes for portrait sessions too, so seniors and moms out there, get to emailing me so I can get your session on the books! (Session doesn't have to take place in the next two weeks, by the way.) :)

On to the basketball photos... the first 3 are from Illinois v. Wisconsin on 1/24 and the other is from Illinois v. Purdue, which was today. Illinois v Wisconsin download journeyman the free Illinois v Wisconsin Illinois v Wisconsin Illinois v Purdue

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Illinois v Purdue download maverick free My favorite... see the beads of sweat flying through the air? Awesome (or gross... however you look at it!)! Illinois v Purdue

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