Big win over Indiana: 55-13 good guys

I usually don't like the night games because I have to run at such a high ISO, but I actually came out with some of my favorite shots of the season at this game. There is some noise evident in the dark parts of the photos, but these run at such a small size on InsideIllini that I wasn't too worried about it. Star of the game, Jason Ford HBP_0234_blog Absolute favorite from the season so far HBP_0264_blog divx shopgirl I usually forget to get the fireworks after the touchdowns because they happen so fast, but I was ready this game! I love this shot! HBP_0277_blog "They call him Rejus, and you might as well re-adjust, after he runs right through you..." LOL, this was my boyfriend's line on ESPN last year... HBP_0383_blog My friend Jason did the chinook flyover prior to the game. They dropped off two parachuters who landed on the field. HBP_0416_blog These two are SO GOOD at the fakes HBP_0488_blog Double facemask, but Clay Nurse got the penalty. :( HBP_0529_blog Hoomanwanui! HBP_0582_blog

download net 2 0 the divx Another favorite. :) HBP_0659_blog

TD Ford! HBP_0797_blog

And here's a glimpse of where my work goes: Picture 1 All 4 of the photos on the front page are mine, along with the logo on the top left. It's good when they have enough of my thumbnails to use my photos instead of the AP's!