Blame it all on my roots

Except I showed up in tennis shoes and semi-dress pants. :D I went back to my hometown area (Mason County) this weekend with a lot of plans. First I stopped in the Mt. Auburn/Blue Mound vicinity to watch Illinois pummel Michigan. What an great and exciting victory!! Go Illini! Then Sunday morning, I went to Havana (not Cuba!) to see my grandma get one of three Centennial awards at her church's 85th anniversary. A bunch of my extended family was there so it was good to see them. After the potluck lunch, I headed back to Kilbourne where I stopped at Hodgson's Produce

to pick up some fresh tomatos, a mini pumpkin and some other home-grown goodness.

Then at 3 pm I met one of my mom's co-workers, Lori, to do a photo shoot with her son Patrick.

Patrick is an awesome young man whom my dad later reminded me started showing in 4-H about the time I was finishing up my 4-H career. Patrick LOVES farming and he can tell you who farms every piece of land in southwestern Mason County. He can also tell you every truck and tractor driver you meet on the Kilbourne backroads.

Patrick couldn't wait to get to the sprayer at the fertilizer plant. We actually shot this one last after the tractor and combine, but I think this one was his favorite (even though it's green... boo!). Senior Session Senior Session serving sara dvdrip Ahhhh red... that's better! Senior Session Lori told me we probably wouldn't get a smile out of him. But we did, and it was so worth the wait! Senior Session

Senior Session