Bookmarks and magnets and guestbooks, oh my!

So, Mindi is wanting to do some sort of save-the-date thing for her wedding and I think it will either be bookmarks, magnets or magnet bookmarks. :) She hasn't fullly decided yet, so I went ahead and did some mockups for her to get an idea of what we could do. She's also interested in a guestbook, so I did a sample spread of that too. Bookmark: bookmark small 2 2x3" magnet designs: mindi magnet 2b mindi magnet 1b Guestbook spread: guestbook spread small

Here are prices for some of these items that aren't listed elsewhere on my website: Magnets:

2.5x3.5 (business card size) come in sets of 8 for $9.25. For every 100 you order, there is a $25 discount. So 320 magnets would cost you $295, for example. Bookmarks:

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$62 per 100 ($5 discount per 100 bookmarks) 4x7 slimline cards: $120 per 100 ($10 discount per 100 cards) 4x6 photographs: $59 per 100 ($5 discount per 100) Leatherette 8x8" 24-page guest books: $85 (with different sizes and page quantities available)

Also, a heads up, individual portrait session fees and standard print prices are going up slightly on December 1, so get your orders in before then!