Bubbles! (And eggs & bunnies)

ready_set_goI ventured home for the weekend to hang out with my dad's side of the family and have a cookout on Saturday. We had a mini Easter egg hunt for Nevan (a whole 5 eggs!) and subsequently gave him a sugar overload. The next day, I went to church in Mason City with Dad and Nevan where we had some amazing biscuits and gravy (my favorite!). Then my siblings and Nevan and I headed to Havana to have lunch at my grandma's and then go to the annual Roat Easter Egg Hunt. Aunt Katie is amazing herself and decorated and filled and labeled hundreds of eggs! There were 75 people in attendance and each child gets his or her own egg that they have to find. There's also a prize egg every year which is a big incentive for the kiddos. This is Uncle Jerry with his Easter Bunny hat easter_bunny whats_this_egg hey_luke

Look, it's me! reflection_of_me Papa Joe gave the kids at Grandma Roat's each a bubble wand nevan_bubbles Jack kept saying "Die, bubbles, die!" jack bubble_wands One of my favorite photos of the day. This is Trevor trying to not get his picture taken, running away from me. Didn't work! dont_take_my_picture money train dvdrip This kid is going to break some hearts. Of course, I'm biased. ear_itch

Getting the candy goodness from Grandpa grandpas_jelly_beans kaena the prophecy dvd