Cans for Comments, and some news!

My ringYours truly is getting married! Aaron asked me to marry him on Nov. 19 and I finally got some good shots of my ring. More about that in a bit...

For now, I'm announcing CANS FOR COMMENTS! For every comment I get on my blog between NOW and next Monday, December 15, I will donate one non-perishable food item to a local food pantry. It's a win-win situation really: I get comments and people in my community will get some nourishment they may be needing this holiday season! So comment away!

To answer a few questions that I know will be floating around about my engagement: 1) My friend Rob at Still Life Photography

is going to be my reception photographer, but we're eloping, so I'm going to have a couple other friends help out with various other events. We'll have someone on hand to get a few images at the courthouse and then once the weather turns nicer again in the spring, we're going to put our wedding outfits back on and get some fabulous outdoor shots. It's is the only way to go from a photographer's standpoint!! :) My ring

meltdown divx online 2) The stone in my ring is a spessartite, or mandarin, garnet. Yes, a garnet. You might be surprised actually at what other stones come in orange. Sapphires, for twins movie