Carly + Jason | Downtown Champaign + Meadowbrook Park engagement


Carly + Jason are planning their 2015 wedding in Urbana and Champaign, and their reception will take place at the Orpheum Children's Museum. Since we were in downtown Champaign for part of their session anyway, we took a walk down to the Museum and got a couple shots with the sign. They also met at Quality bar so we did a few shots with their sign as well. Fun, fun! Then after a quick wardrobe change, we headed to Meadowbrook Park to finish out the session. The ones with the sun backlighting them are some of my new favorites! I'm so looking forward to your wedding next year, you two! Congrats again on your engagement!! Champaign viaduct portrait Champaign alleys photography Quality bar engagement portrait Orpheum Children's Museum engagement pictures Meadowbrook Park sunset engagement