Chandi Kesler Photography : Bloomington, Illinois newborn photographer

Chandi Kesler is a new photographer friend of mine that does an amazing job photographing newborns. She is based out of Bloomington, Illinois, and since she blogged my new baby Hadley's session today (with an appearance by big brother Maximus!), I'm taking this opportunity to tell you a little bit about Chandi too. Here are a few questions I asked Chandi about her business, along with some images of my sweet baby Hadley! HBP: How did you get started specializing in newborn photography? CKP: I actually didn't start out this way. I used to fear newborn sessions - there was so much to worry about and there were no redos. I saw a challenge though. I loved newborns - their smell, their pureness, their tiny features and everything they meant to their proud parents. I took a hands-on newborn workshop in 2012 and decided I was going to face my fear head on. Since then, I have worked on rebranding and focusing my business around newborns. I love every second of it, even if it is a challenge.

HBP: What is your favorite thing about photographing newborns? CKP: That's hard to narrow down. If I had to choose just one thing, I would say it is the feeling I get when providing parents with their gallery. Some if them cry, most of them say their heart melts, and all of them fall in love. It's knowing that you have captured something so pure, new and beautiful that parents will treasure for a lifetime.

HBP: What do you think sets you apart from other newborn photographers? CKP: My style. I love organic, muted colors and minimalistic props. My newborn sessions focus on the newborn and all their sweet, perfect features. I am also a perfectionist by nature and I feel like this is displayed in my work.

HBP: What is the most important thing for parents to know prior to going into their session? What is the most surprising thing that people don't realize ahead of time? CKP: Preparation. It is the single most important aspect of a successful and smooth newborn shoot. I provide each client of mine with a detailed prep guide prior to their session so they know exactly what to expect. The most surprising thing that people don't realize is that scheduling your newborn session occurs while you're pregnant. This is because newborns are best photographed between 4-12 days after birth.