Chris + Logan | Surprise proposal engagement photographer


A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of photographing and helping to organize a surprise wedding proposal in Champaign. The groom-to-be Chris contacted me about secretly capturing some photos while he popped the question to his girlfriend Logan. He was still working out some details at the time, and the weather looked to be a factor also. In the end, he decided to do a picnic lunch so earlier that day, I met him in a Walgreen's parking lot to get the picnic basket from him. A couple hours later, I put the basket in place under the gazebo in West Side Park and waited. Did I mention that it was drizzling rain the ENTIRE TIME?! LOL! Luckily I had planned ahead and had a couple blankets and plastic bags in the car to protect my camera, and I wore a thick rain jacket with a hood to try to keep myself dry. My biggest obstacle was getting close enough to the gazebo, but far enough away where I knew Logan wouldn't see me. I found a tree that was wide enough, but every time I leaned out around to snap a few, I swore she could see me! Chris told me later on though that she had no idea I was there!! She did say yes, and even though I have no idea what specifically was said, I think these pictures tell their story. :) Enjoy!! surprise engagement proposal photo

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