Commercial shoots | Brick and mortar store and restaurant photography

I recently worked with a social media marketing company that provides images to their clients for use on their web and social media presence.  I ventured onto campus to Cracked: The Egg Came First (formerly a food truck!) and Campus Mobile Solutions (both locations), and had pleasant experiences all around.  Everything on the Cracked menu looked SO delicious, and they even sent me home with a grilled cheese with pesto and tomato that was amazing! 

The Campus Mobile Solutions stores are nice because they are so convenient, the staff is friendly and funny, and it's nice to know that if I crack my phone screen, I can have it replaced in less than an hour.  They also sell a good selection of phone accessories, including protective cases, pop sockets, earbuds, insurance and much more. From there I left with a new phone screen protector that absorbs shock and can even be tapped with a hammer! So cool!