Crystal + Jayson | Married by Judge at the Champaign County Courthouse

I'm an old pro at this point of getting through security at the Urbana courthouse with all my equipment. The one thing I do still need to do though is keep a watch with me, because once I leave my phone in my car, I'm lost on time!  Cameras are not allowed in the courthouse at all until 11:30am sharp, so those of us who are there for weddings with cameras hang out in the foyer area until we get the go ahead.  I put all my stuff up on the belt, empty my pockets, and head on through the metal detector.  I purposely don't wear any jewelry so I don't have any extra things to take off or worry about setting off the alarm or getting "frisked" off to the side.  I have one pair of boots that set me off this winter -- never again! ;)

Anyway, onto Crystal + Jayson -- Crystal planned their courthouse ceremony months in advance, including a few conversations back and forth with me. She had her dress and her bouquet all before I meet with them a couple months ago!  I guess you could say she is a planner. :)  Jayson's daughters served as the wedding party and witnesses, and they were both such great sports!

Judge Randy Rosenbaum presided over the marriage and after the short declarations of intent, he pronounced them as partners in life!  It was a beautiful late July day, so we went outside for a large group photo of everyone that attended with them, and some more portraits of the couple outside the lovely brick courthouse. Congrats, Crystal + Jayson!!