Do you Flickr!? I do!

I'm actually quite addicted to Flickr! right now, but a lot of it is not due to the photographs (although I do post quite a few there). There's a group called "Starting a Wedding Photography Business" and boy, have I learned a lot in their discussion forums. Just to name a few things I've gained from my membership there: a new wedding album company, a Blurb book I made for a friend's wedding gift, Totally Rad! Actions, countless tips and tricks, and the all-important "don't sell yourself or your work short." Anyway, last month one of the moderators for the group, Darbi, posted a phenomenal entry from her own business blog. She is a wedding photographer by trade and a summer 2008 bride. We photographers are biased of course, but she really encourages brides and grooms to consider their wedding photography above many other things when planning the big day. So without further ado, here's a link to her post, "Do you want a photogenic wedding?"

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Or better yet, leave her a comment! :)scary godmother the revenge of jimmy online

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