Erin + Brian | Married

First off, I just have to say that I love my wedding couples. Being a wedding photographer is one of the greatest jobs in the world anyway, but having fabulous couples just make it all the better. Erin & Brian were married on August 8, 2009 at St. Matthews Catholic Church in Champaign. The reception was held at the always fabulous Hilton Garden Inn. The staff there does a great job with every event I've seen there so far. Can't wait to participate in wedding expos there this fall!

Warning: This post is NOT going to be chronological. Brian and Erin just looked so darling walking into their reception: HBP_5323_blog As I've said before, I am LOVING the father-daughter dances this year. But I think it's due to my whole new take on reception lighting. This one is definitely one of my favorites: HBP_5544_blog This is Erin and Brian rocking out to Jump on It by the Sugar Hill Gang: HBP_5831_blog This is their actual first dance, which was beautifully choreographed: HBP_5576_blog HBP_5574_blog Now, back to semi-chronological order: HBP_0015_blog I had a great spot for the ceremony, and the priest didn't want us to move around much, so I stayed up front in a pew and my assistant for the day, Sarah, stayed in the back: HBP_0141_blog HBP_4798_blog HBP_4755_blog Ready to go in the Rolls Royce that sadly broke down about 2 blocks from the church. :( HBP_4865_blog HBP_4898_blog FAVORITE HBP_5021_blog We went to the Arboretum for the family and wedding party shots: HBP_4954_blog HBP_4986_blog HBP_5168_blog

I'm still in NOLA, and learning a bunch from fellow wedding photographers. I still have two more wedding this month, so keep an eye on the blog for more photo goodness!