Exciting updates and changes coming for Holly Birch Photography!

I'm working on some really great things around here, and I'm excited to tell you about a couple of them now. One thing I'll tell you about later this month. The first change is that my portrait session fee (which was pretty much $250 across the board) is dropping to $200*! This lower price will open the doors to hopefully a few new clients and also give me a chance to develop my entire pricing structure a bit more. This new price is effective TODAY, so if you're looking to get in a portrait session this fall, now is the time to do it!

ALSO, as an added incentive to any prospective engaged OR married couples out there, I'm offering a special additional discount to the first couple who books their session and pays the $100 deposit toward it. The only catch is that you have to be available on a Monday or Thursday evening in September.

The second big change is that I am soon going to have a permanent indoor location for portraits. I still prefer to do most of my sessions outdoors or on location, but in the event of inclement weather (read: winter), I will now have a place to fall back on. I may also have some limited backdrop options if you prefer that look. There is more info coming on this update later this month.

The addition of an indoor studio space also means that I now have a great location for my boudoir sessions... including a bed!! I am super excited about this development and hope that it brings in a lot of new beautiful women to try the boudoir experience at Holly Birch Photography!

*200 fee is not applicable to boudoir sessions, which will remain at $250.