Friday Fives | Takeaways from the Reset Conference


Last weekend was a WHIRLWIND of education and work as I attended the 6th annual Reset Conference in Louisville, KY. I sat in on Hawaiian photographer Vanessa Hicks’ class on Creating a month’s worth of blogging content in under an hour, and one of her tips was to create blog series. So today I’m starting Friday Fives! This will be all kinds of random stuff I promise you — I’m going to talk about all my favorites… lobsters, tea, TV shows, movies, food, travel, books, etc. It’s gonna be fun!

So to kick off today, I’m starting with my Five Takeaways from the Reset Conference!


1) Landing pages — I heard this over and over again. I need to create specific landing pages for different ads, targets, education, blog posts, and especially for Instagram! This update is happening TODAY!

2) “A confused mind always says no.” This quote was from Chip Dizard who we just found out yesterday is a keynote speaker at United in November! I had the pleasure of riding with Chip to our shootout on Friday evening, and then got to hang out with him a bit throughout the weekend as well. This guy KILLS IT with his Facebook ads! He knows his stuff.

3) Motion evokes emotion. This tidbit was from Anesha Collins, and basically means that I need to get my butt in gear with video. I’m going to do better about being live on Instagram and Facebook, and also start recording video content for various pages on my website. Anesha is my video guru and muse!! <3


4) Incorporate connection points on my social media and blog. Hope Taylor is a genius at branding, and she encouraged me to create connection on a human level, and to engage, inspire/encourage, and also educate my followers & readers.

5) You can’t sell what you don’t believe in. Sandra Coan is definitely a Lady Boss and she hit me smack in the face with a few of her bullet points. She said to figure out what you do, and fearlessly do that. This will help to be more authentic, unique, create a brand, and be recognizable.


Whew! If you’re still with me, your head is probably spinning like mine still is! It’s going to take some time to digest all that I learned and ease into implementing a lot of it. I feel so inspired, refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running! You should join us at Reset 2020 in Lexington, KY!!