Have your cake, and eat it too!

Here's another awesome article from one of my colleagues in the "Starting a Wedding Photography Business" group on Flickr! CoreyAnn

writes tips for brides and grooms as they prepare for the wedding day. This month, she has written about the cake cutting, which I find to be one of the things I have to coach the B&G on most at the reception. As Corey mentions, you can't really rehearse it, and you really have no clue what you're supposed to do. Thanks, and I'll now hang up and listen. :) CoreyTalks

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The one thing I see a lot of bride and grooms stumble with is the cake cutting. It’s definitely not something you do every day and it’s not something you get to rehearse!!! So here are some tips on how to cut the cake and some cake ideas in general.

1. Cut immediately! One new trend I am seeing more this summer is couples are starting to cut the cake right after they make their grand entrance into the ballroom. I think this is a spectacular idea!!! The attention is already on you and everyone should be seated at this point so no one should miss the moment. Sometimes after dinner people leave or tend to get into the groove of visiting (and so does the bride and groom) and hate to be taken away from whatever they are involved in to do the cake. It also gives the caters time to cut the cake so that when its time for cake no one has to wait for it! Finally, if you have a fragile cake, it lessens the chance of a tumble from the cake getting too warm.

2. Remove all non-edibles! The current trends have cakes almost as dressed up as the brides! Make sure that all ribbons, jewels and any other pieces that are for decoration only are removed from the section of cake you intend to cut. I’ve had a few couples not remember this and it could have been scary!

3. Cut from the bottom layer! This makes the cake remain stable if it is a tiered cake and easier for you to get your slice of goodness out and ready to eat.

4. Cut in a V and remove with a server! Make cuts into the bottom layer in a small V and remove with the cake server. Grooms put your hand over your bride’s hand as she slices and dices.

5. Have a Plate AND fork(s) at the cake table! I don’t know about you but I hate having sticky fingers and oftentimes you won’t get the chance to wash your hands right after. Having a plate and a fork makes the moment sweeter and cleaner for you both (and lessens the chance for stains on your formal wear). If you can’t have a fork make sure that there is a damp napkin at the table.

6. Play nice! Even though I can’t say much since I didn’t play nice on my wedding day, it really does make for nicer pictures when you play nice. No matter what you do groomies, don’t take tips from that video on You Tube and make your bride do a header into the cake. You will pay for that for a lifetime!! ;)

7. Include the kids! If you have children and want to include them in some of the wedding day festivities this is a great family event!! Have the kids ‘help’ cut (help meaning placing their hands ABOVE an adult whom is cutting) and give them a bite as well.

8. Enjoy the cake! Don’t feel like you have to take one bite and run away. As a lover of cake, I fully condone you actually FINISHING your slice of heaven. This could very well be your only slice of cake and after all these months of researching the cake and taste testing, you better be able to remember how good it was. So savor the moment and feed each other more than one bite - it’s OK!

9. KISS! Finally, kiss after you eat the cake! Nothing is sweeter than a kiss from your sweetie with sugary goo on their lips! YUM! Oh…. it also makes a great photo op!