Cycling sports motion shoot | Custom in-home art piece

Oh my goodness -- this shoot was SO MUCH FUN!  And yet it was one of the most challenging sessions I've had all year!  I knew going in to the shoot that the clients wanted motion blur in most of the photos, and we wanted to try different techniques with them moving and me stationary, both of us moving, and then me moving ahead of them in a truck (driven by their twin HS senior boys).  After my initial conversation with Stephanie, I knew I would need to rent a neutral density filter to be able to slow my shutter speed down enough and not have too much light.  It ended up being a beautiful sunny day, so I'm glad I did!  Without that filter, I wouldn't have been able to properly expose the photo and also catch that blur we were going for.  The ultimate goal for the project was to create a large custom art piece for their bedroom, and I can't wait to see the final printed piece!  Thanks, Stephanie + Clint!

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