He's here!! And he needs a name...

New D700!My D700 arrived today after me pacing about the house, furiously cleaning, and sitting on the front porch for about an hour and a half. Aaron wants to name the new baby "Shooter McCracken" but I don't think that's a very good name, even though it's kind of funny. I want to encourage a lot participation for this, so if 20 different people send in names, I'll choose my favorite and send that person a $50 gift certificate to Holly Birch Photography (good toward sessions, prints, books or canvases).

I got this idea from a fellow photographer whose blog I follow: DarbiG platoon movie download wizard of oz the divx download . She has a Canon 5d named Stuart. :)

I calmed my excitement enough to take a picture of the box before I got into it. New D700!

magnolia divx movie online Another shot without the grip: New D700! And then 2 shots from the actual D700 (the previous 3 were taken with my now-backup D200). p.s. I have a D70 for sale as well! New D700! New D700! The camera arrived at 4:28 and as you can see I didn't waste any time blogging as it's now 5:21. :D