How do you read blogs?

Are you type that only reads a blog when a link is sent to you? Or maybe you're the type that reads several blogs each day and you have those links saved on your browser (that used to be me!)? Have you ever considered using an rss reader? Mine makes my blog reading so much smoother, faster and easier. And I admit, that I used to have NO CLUE what people were talking about when they said RSS and readers, and I even tried it once or twice a long time ago before I finally figured out what all the fuss was about. Let me tell you, I was missing out. Here's a sample of what my reader looks like on any given morning: My Reader As you can see, I prefer Google Reader, mostly because all my email addresses go through Gmail, and I also use Google Calendar 88 minutes dvd download

& Google Documents several times a week. But there are other websites out there dedicated to doing the same thing. The most popular one off the top of my head is Bloglines


Here's a good article on what RSS means and how to set up a reader on Squidoo.

And here's a quick rundown of instructions from me! -First, set up your reader at Google tommy boy divx download (only because I've never used Bloglines). -Now, scroll up to the top of my blog/website. You see that little black button on the right-hand side opposite my face? That's the RSS feed button. Click on that, and it will ask you if you want to add my feed to Google Reader or your Google homepage. Click "Google Reader." -That's basically it! You will now see a top 10 or so of my blog posts mentioned and you can go through and read them all or mark them as read. -Another way to add a blog to your reader is to just copy and paste the web address of a blog and paste it in the "Add a Subscription" box at the top of Google Reader (I'm not sure this always works, however). -UPDATE: I just added a link that will show up at the top of the page the first 5 times you visit my site. So now it's extra handy!

If you read a ton of blogs like I do, this setup will make you so much happier, I promise!!