I haven't had any sessions to post about lately!

But, never fear, faithful HBP followers... I have 5 shoots in the next 4 days! I do have something to post today though! I got Jen & Chris' album in a couple days ago and I snapped some shots of it last night. Beautiful packaging... First Forbeyon Album Closeup of the metal cameo on the front First Forbeyon Album

Text on the last page First Forbeyon Album Foil-stamped logo on the inside back cover First Forbeyon Album Top view/spine First Forbeyon Album final fantasy the spirits within divx download download house of wax This is the one thing I would change. I'm not a big fan of the really sharply square corners. First Forbeyon Album Front view (10x10" album... this is the size I include in my top wedding package. I can always add more pages or make the entire thing a larger size or a rectangular size. There are also different colors and textures of leather. Ask me about all the options!) First Forbeyon Album quick change online

divx party monster

One of the pages First Forbeyon Album