I'm looking for something in red...

Do you remember that old country song? I'm not really looking for something in red per se, but I am looking for some specific things. If you fall into any of the categories below and are interested in getting a good deal on your session or package fees, please let me know! The first person to contact me and sign a contract for each of the following categories will receive a nice discount. :) 1) An outdoor wedding (this means the ceremony is outdoors; reception can be indoors or outdoors) 2) Bridal session or Trash-the-dress session (I promise you do NOT have to get your dress dirty, but you do have to be willing to go outside with it on) 3) A class of 2010 senior who wants their senior photos to look different from all their friends' senior photos 4) A woman who has just purchased a hot new outfit (dress preferred!) with some killer heels

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A couple rules: sessions must take place in Champaign-Urbana-Savoy (the outdoor wedding is exempt from this) & sessions must be scheduled and completed by May 24, 2009 (weddings also exempt from this). Warm weather is coming!!

If you're interested in any of these, please contact me ASAP! My spring calendar will fill up fast once this nasty winter weather is all gone!

EDIT: A few people have asked why I'm doing this promotion. There are a few reasons: 1) Mostly I'm looking for a few different (& possibly new) images to add to my portfolio. 2) I haven't done an outdoor wedding since 2006 and I'd love to do one with loads of natural light instead of inside a church where there usually isn't much light. 3) I have a couple great new portrait session locations that I've been DYING to try out! You can't know what they are though until you book the session with me! :) 4) I'd like to do an "anytime" session with a hot, young & professional woman who doesn't necessarily NEED her picture taken right now, but at the same time, she hasn't had a professional picture taken since... maybe college? high school? her wedding 5 years ago? Or maybe she's always getting pictures of her kids, but not of herself? Here's your chance to feel like a model! (I might be able to arrange a makeup/hair stylist for this session too... how fun!!)