More Jackie + her girls

These girls were full of energy and totally adorable! After chasing them around for 45 minutes, I now have a greater appreciation for what my friend Allyson does. I mean, it doesn't get any cuter than polka dots on sweet little girls, does it? Look at that seemingly innocent face! :) Jackie + girls M didn't look at the camera too often, so catching her eyes was gold, Jerry, gold! Jackie + girls This to me says, "I just stuck my hand in the peanut butter jar, what are you gonna do about it?" Jackie + girls mo better blues download free space cowboys divx download J waits for her sister at the bottom of the slide Jackie + girls A smile! Jackie + girls We kept bribing her with the promise of corn dogs for dinner if she cooperated. Jackie + girls

Consoling the little one Jackie + girls Baby blues Jackie + girls where the truth lies divx download M LOVED the swing Jackie + girls I'm not sure what to caption this one. Leave a comment with yours! Jackie + girls