Jacqueline + Lewis | Urbana courthouse wedding

I’m here today to show you that you can have beautiful wedding photos, even if you don’t have a big elaborate wedding! You can still have fun, romantic, detailed photos if you get married on your lunch hour at your local courthouse. Jacqueline + Lewis called me just a few days ahead of their courthouse elopement asking if I was available to photograph their ceremony. And since courthouse weddings are one of my favorite things, I always find a way!!

It was a busy day for weddings at the courthouse (I think there were 4?), and there were a TON of people there! Luckily, these two had arrived early to get in the queue, so we were called in 2nd! So that left us without about 20 minutes to do some more photos in the courthouse, down by the Champaign County seal, in the elevator, and outside with the beautiful brick facade.

I love the series just after they came out of the courtroom where they put their fists in the air, and Jacqueline showed off her ring pose and her “Hollywood” pose! <3 It was also a super fun day as the entire crowd waiting in the hallway decided to clap and cheer for each couple as they came out. It made for an energizing atmosphere!

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