Jayme + Wayne | Downtown Mahomet + Lake of the Woods engagement photos

I am so excited with how this engagement session turned out! Jayme rented this special red dress as a statement piece for her and Wayne's engagement photos. These two are actually really good friends of ours, so we had many chances to discuss locations and options for their session. We all wanted to stay around Mahomet, and we frequent JT Walkers, so we started there on the rooftop bar, and then continued downstairs to a cute little bistro table out front with a couple craft beers. 

We strolled along the little Americana slice of downtown Mahomet and found some great nooks and crannies to finish up the first half of the session. Then we moved on to the Lake of the Woods, because I knew with that red dress that we HAD to use the red metal bridge at the park.  As we neared sunset, I wanted to try a couple images with the fading orange glow and also my off-camera flash equipment.  It was fun to hang out and just have a very chill session and take our time visiting different spots.

I am SO excited for Jayme + Wayne's wedding in September.  Wayne's son Max and my son Max are best friends, and my daughter Hadley is going to be the flower girl!  It is going to be the best day! Stay tuned! <3

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