Jeanice + Joe | Downtown Champaign engagement photography

Jeanice + Joe met up with me on a hot Friday in July to tackle their engagement session. They did great & didn't look too shiny until the very end of the session. I loved how comfortable they were with each other and how much Joe likes to dote on Jeanice. One of the favorite parts of the session was when he just randomly started kissing her neck and tickling her. I think she was somewhat annoyed at Joe distracting them from the camera, but I think it made for some of the best photos because they were totally unposed and real. :) Here are some of my favorites! If they can get 25 comments below this post, they'll get a complimentary 5x7" print!

We met up first at Cowboy Monkey since it's one of their favorite watering holes. :) Just look how natural these two are! I did very little posing here... they did the rest! Yes, I had to lie on the street to take this one. Thanks again to Mark for watching for traffic for me! This is the part of the session I was talking about earlier! :) And then once she finally got him to cooperate. ;) I loooooooove this one!!!

Thanks, J & J! I can't wait for your wedding in September!