Kate + Jonathan | Champaign University Place Christian Church wedding

Jonathan's mom Linda is a friend and fellow photographer that I met early on in my photography career. When Jonathan + Kate were planning their wedding, Linda knew she wouldn't want to do all the photography, so she brought me in for a couple hours to work my magic! Kate also presented me with my most challenging ceremony ever, as we were in a tiny chapel with no electricity, and therefore, NO LIGHTS! Fortunately, we were able to run a cord to a couple Alien Bees, so I had a couple direct modeling lights on the altar, plus many candles. I was definitely stretching my camera to my comfortable limits! Now, what is a wedding day without a nice game of Spaghettios-water bottle bowling to unwind? They even conned me into getting in on the action! Enough of that... back to work! The beautiful bride! This may be my favorite image from my whole time with them! And there's Linda! Love this one too! At the top of Kate's most important image list (which was only two images!) was a photo of Jonathan's face as she walks down the aisle. I'm not crazy about the lighting here, but I love the composition of this shot.

Thanks for bringing me along for part of your wedding day!

Vendors Ceremony: University Place Christian Church, Champaign (small chapel) Florist: Simple Touches, Milford Dress & bridesmaids: David's Bridal Suits: Men's Warehouse Officiant: Paul Kay