Khamsay+Amit | Candid wedding photography

Khamsay + AmitHere are a few more favorites from Khamsay+Amit's wedding. I realized that often times I don't post a lot of candid photos on my blog, but I should! Even though some of these aren't as tack-sharp as I'd like them to be, they may be better than some of my best.

The Laotian ceremony begins when the groom, along with his family and friends, leads a procession from his family's home through the village to the bride's home. Upon arrival, the groom's entourage must convince the bride's family of his worth before he can enter the house and wed his bride. Playful banter between respected elders from the groom's and bride's sides ensue, marked by light-hearted jeers and teasing. (borrowed from Khamsay & Amit's wedding website) This was one of my favorite parts of the entire day! Khamsay + Amit Khamsay + Amit Khamsay + Amit Khamsay + Amit

The rings: Khamsay + Amit