MaKayla + Jeremy | Monticello Allerton Park engagement photography

MaKayla + Jeremy met me out at Allerton Park this past weekend for their engagement session. I'm very much looking forward to their November wedding since Jeremy and most of his groomsmen were friends of mine in college. During the engagement session they told me MaKayla found me online on her own, independently, and when she told Jeremy that she'd found their wedding photographer, he was a little confused to see my picture on the website. Holly? Holly Birch? Yep, that's the one! No matter how you found me, I'm happy to be there to photograph your very first day as man and wife! One of my favorites! Then a little wardrobe change, and voila! Orange and blue! They probably thought I was crazy when we got this shot. First of all, I drove them about an extra mile down the road away from Allerton, the OPPOSITE direction of Champaign. The sun had already set and I pulled a bunch more equipment out of my car. Oh well, totally worth it!!