Me + My Hubby | Mr. & Mrs. Session

orange dreamAaron grew up in Argenta and has known Val of VWC Photography for a long time. I came across her website one day and Aaron told me he knew her so we booked her for our more relaxed, non-wedding-day session. I got a chance to wear my dress again and Aaron got to, well, do whatever I asked him to do. Thanks, honey!!

I had some big hopes for this session and Val did not disappoint. I told her a month or so prior to this that it would be my dream come true if we could do a few shots in the stadium. We lucked out! And we also got kicked out. But I have no regrets!

Besides an awesome set of portraits of me and Aaron that I hoped to take away from this (and I'm designing my own album from it and ordering at least one canvas), I also hope that some of my brides might see these photos and be inspired to go out on a limb when one of us has a crazy/awesome idea. Some of my recent e-sessions I know have been a little more edgy, so I want that to continue and even go beyond! Remember, a session like this can always be scheduled after the wedding if you're worried about getting your dress dirty. Or there's always a TTD session! One of my July 2009 brides wants me to go back and actually get IN the fountain you'll see below. You never know!

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