Memorial Day Weekend sessions

Hi, blog readers! We had a BUSY weekend, and fun for the most part even though it rained pretty much all day Monday. Saturday evening, the tables were turned and Aaron and I posed for VWC Photography for a Mr. & Mrs. session. We spent some time at a mural near downtown, Memorial Stadium (where we got kicked out... oops!), outside of Assembly Hall and finally at the Hallene Gateway & fountain. Oh man, we took so many cool shots, and even came up with a bunch of stuff I hadn't even pictured, so I am so anxious to see the photos! I now know how many of my clients feel as they wait for their photos from me!

Oh, and Thursday night, I made these cute cherry-limeade cupcakes for my co-workers. I got the recipe from my friends Jen & Adam download lilo stitch

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. cherry-limeade cupcakes angels fall dvdrip

Sunday morning, we got up and drove to Springfield to do an afternoon engagement session with my mom, Paula, and her fiance, Joe. We started out at Joe's house and then dodged the rain at Washington Park. The photos following those are of Joe's daughter, Izzy, and my nephew Nevan. Mom & Joe

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Mom & Joe Mom & Joe Izzy Nevan Oh my word... I don't think he could get any cuter. Nevan