Mim & Cora - children's photography

I get the chance to photograph these two beautiful girls about once a year. They are going to be big sisters! And then our photo sessions will become even more crazy... I can't even imagine! I spent the weekend visiting their parents (Mommy was a college roommate) and we played at the park, went to church and visited the Jewel Box in St. Louis. The Jewel Box is like a big greenhouse that is used for small weddings. It's great for portrait sessions because it's indoors (it was kinda rainy and VERY windy that day), it's warm, it has amazing diffused light (it's all glass!) and there are plants galore to use as backdrops. Perfect! Here are some of my favorites... How cute are their matching dresses? Mim & Cora I love this one! Mim & Cora

I tried all weekend for this shot and she finally looked up at me! Mim & Cora

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