Mindi + Marty walking under some trees

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Ok, guys, so I'm this close to becoming one of those photographers that has to combine multiple photo sessions into one blog post. I don't want to do it, so I can't let myself get behind. Leave me a comment of encouragement so I know you appreciate my blog efforts!!

Today's blog features Mindi + Marty, the uber-cute couple (Marty will hate me for calling them cute) who found me on Google. This was one of my favorite e-sessions to date and the day was just perfect. It was 80 degrees in the middle of October! I couldn't wait to get home and process their photos so even though I told Mindi they'd be up in a week, I put them up in less than 48 hours. :D

Oh, it turns out that Marty went to the same high school as my boyfriend. M+M live in that same town now, and since it's a small town, they knew each other. And, Mindi's cousin Kacie is a friend of mine. She saw the teasers I posted on Facebook. Small world!

On to the photos...

This one makes more sense in context, I promise... Mindi+Marty E-Session LOVE this one... and how hot is that pink shirt? HOT, I tell you. Mindi+Marty E-Session download sidewalks of new york movie download l a confidential movie Purple door? Yes, please. Mindi+Marty E-Session Have to show off the rock! Mindi+Marty E-Session Mindi+Marty E-Session boat trip divx online life stinks divx Again, out of context. I love the silver/concrete collaboration here... Mindi+Marty E-Session I told him to whisper something in her ear. It was gibberish, but it worked! Mindi+Marty E-Session I'd never done this pose before, but isn't it awesome! It always makes girls' hair look amazing. Mindi+Marty E-Session A little sun flare action... Mindi+Marty E-Session

Alright, now who wants an e-session like this? Call me before the weather gets crappy! :)