Miriam, Cora & Walker | children's photographer

Miriam, Cora & WalkerI got to visit my friend Stephani and Joel a couple weekends ago, just about 8 days after their new baby Walker was born. Good thing we moved my visit from the weekend before like we originally planned! Walker was welcomed home by big sisters Miriam and Cora. You may remember them from their session last winter. Daddy's hands with Walker's tiny little feet: Miriam, Cora & Walker I was the first person to say that he looks more like Cora and Miriam. Time will tell, I suppose! Miriam, Cora & Walker Miriam, Cora & Walker I did not Photoshop her eyes in this photo. They are just that gorgeous. I just wish she wasn't giving me that goofy grin! :) Miriam, Cora & Walker She seems so pensive here. I wonder what she's thinking about... Miriam, Cora & Walker They're going to have so much fun growing up together--all three of them. Miriam, Cora & Walker

And a personal update... I am now at 20 weeks in my pregnancy! A reminder to those looking to schedule sessions next spring, I will be on photography maternity leave from March 28 through May 7 (and some days after that too, but will be working part-time).