Moderation Maven | Personal Brand Photography Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my friend Leia’s session for her business, Moderation Maven Nutrition! We did the first part back in February when it was still very chilly, so we waited until summer to do the second part outdoors. Leia’s main request was that most people associate the color green with nutrition, so she wanted her headshots to be with a different color. She mentioned something warm-toned, so I thought on it a bit and we both loved the idea of this coral/pink wall. It was perfect!

Part of the Moderation Maven’s mission is to dissaude common myths about food, agriculture, and dieting, so we tied part of that in with the diet magazine she picked up that morning.

For the next section, we went right around the corner to a sidewalk where we did some exercise/stretching/running photos. I love the aviators and the bright green shirt she chose from the Illinois Marathon.

Lastly, we met up at a popular meeting/restaurant space where she grabbed a juice and chatted with a client about reading labels and what to look for when choosing foods and beverages.