My First Trash-the-Dress Session!

My college friend Sara was married in 2003 and now has two beautiful girls. She saw my post a couple months ago offering a free TTD session to any bride who was willing to get her wedding dress dirty. Sara immediately jumped at the chance. Man, was she a trooper! She told me as we were driving to the location that she was ready and willing to do anything for a great picture. We did lots of "dry" shots first before she waded out into a creek. Here's the sample shot (again, I will post more once I get through some post-processing): Sara TTD indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull online

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This session was the morning after Roganne and Matt's wedding, so I was a little tired and achy, but it was SO fun and totally worth it. I'm glad it worked out! And I hope more brides (both present and former) will be jealous and want to have a TTD session as well. :)

p.s. ladies... you don't HAVE to get your dress completely dirty or even wet. As long as you don't mind a little dirt, we can work something out!