My Internet Presence

Today I was thinking about how my internet presence had probably changed drastically over the past year, so I Googled (isn't it funny how that's a regular verb now?) my full name in quotation marks. I came up with 5 of the top 10 results! My business came up as the first result both with and without quotation marks.Google name

So then, I Googled wedding photographers in Urbana in the business listings, and I am the top result! Google business

There are more wedding photographers in Champaign, so I come up there as the 10th result, but still on the front page. Somehow though, Allyson over at Sweet Pea Photography

beat me and she doesn't even do weddings! :)

Edit: I just realized that there is a difference between Googling "wedding photography" and "wedding photographers." Guess I need to update my content and keywords a little bit more!

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