I have neglected to post football this summer... sorry!

I realized a couple days ago that I've shot about 3-4 football practices in the last few weeks and I have forgotten to post anything about them! I think I waited for the perfect time to post these though because today was a closed scrimmage inside the Stadium so I took the opportunity to shoot a few photos from the stands. The first thing I did when I got onto the field today was the reach down and touch the new turf and check it out. It's SO nice! Really looks like grass from a distance (except that it's kind of shiny). HBP_0019_blog home alone 2 lost in new york movie download blue streak dvd HBP_0755_blog HBP_0760_blog

HBP_0774_blog This guy in white on the right (he's number 78 if you can tell), is my buddy Ryan. I tailgate with his parents Kim and Lisa before the games. They are a riot and so much fun to hang out with. I always take a few extra shots of Ryan at every practice just to send to his mom. :) HBP_0339_blog And lastly, here's a cool one from Champaign-Urbana that I shot while sitting in the turn lane to get on the interstate to go home. I just thought it looked really sweet and luckily I still had my camera (400mm zoom!) in the front seat with me from football practice. :) HBP_0013_blog

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