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Album sampleAlthough this album isn't technically "new" anymore since I received it in December, it's new to most of my clients and my blog readers! I like taking my product pictures outside when the weather is nice, and well, the weather just isn't nice in December. :) So this week I finally knocked this off my to-do list as I'm waiting around for Baby Smitty to arrive. This album is from Mindi + Marty's wedding I did last July, and it's an upgrade from my standard 12x12", 24-page album included with my wedding package #1. This album has a specialty cover that Mindi and I designed together, and also 6 extra pages. I was so happy with how the cover turned out! For any of my future clients, I strongly suggest coming by to seeing one of these albums and actually holding it in your hands if you are at all interested in having a wedding album. You will love it! It is heavy, sturdy, and comes with a lifetime warranty from defects. My albums have all been handled a ton and they are still in GREAT shape! Album sample Album sample Album sample I personally do all the design work for the pages (at least for the time being). I put the pages online for you to review, and you get 3 revision rounds to make any corrections or changes you want. After that, you can make additional changes, but they are billed hourly. Most times, there are just a few minor changes. Album sample The pages are actual photographs mounted on sturdy board pages (I often compare the thickness of the pages to a children's board book). Since they are actual photographs, they are subject to fingerprints, but they can be gently wiped away with a soft cloth. Your album will come with care instructions too! Album sample Album sample Album sample I keep the text to a very bare minimum with just the couple's first names and wedding date on the very first page, and "Mr. & Mrs. so-and-so" on the very last page. Album sample My copy has this "Studio Sample" stamp on the inside back cover, but your copy will have my logo stamped in silver foil. Album sample