Oskee | Pet Photographer

Oskee Take 3You may remember Oskee from his two previous sessions here and here. Well Joanne is close to wrapping up the book, and she and a friend came up with one last idea to tie the book all together at the end, so we had to shoot it. Joanne and I have a habit of getting together on the 4th of July (twice I went to Quincy to see her) and this time she came to Springfield to see me! I was in Springfield for a wedding and a pool/birthday party for Nevan, so it worked out perfectly. I cannot wait until this book is published! Joanne has worked so hard on it! Oskee Take 3 Oskee Take 3 Oskee Take 3 Oskee Take 3 And I finally got a photo with Oskee! I can't believe I neglected to do this all these times we've been taking pictures of Oskee (and Joanne too!). Please excuse the freshly-showered-but-no-makeup look I was sporting. Ha! Oskee Take 3 Oskee says: "I'm going to get some ice cream. Check ya later!" Oskee Take 3