Oskee's whirlwind tour of campus and contest!

Oskee, Joanne and I set out one afternoon to get a bunch of pictures for a book Joanne is writing. They used to live here on campus and has many interesting stories from his time here. He cooperated for the most part, but by the end of our 2-hour shoot, he was tuckered out and kind of mad that we kept teasing him by saying "Grandma's" and "ice cream." He did get a lot of treats though!! CONTEST

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Upon further review, I feel that some of these photos need LOLdog captions. Leave a comment with your best idea (you can get ideas here)! I've numbered the photos for you to reference in your comment. Winner will receive a free individual or family session ($55 value!). Out of towners can participate too, and if you cannot redeem your prize, I'll figure out something else for you of similar value.

Isn't Oskee just the cutest thing? 1. Oskee "So truuuuuuuuuueeeeeee...!!" 2. Oskee Here Oskee plays "dead" on a bike path on the Quad. 3. Oskee "No, you can't throw shade on the corn." (I think this was my favorite from the whole shoot.) 4. Oskee

Dee for Three! 5. Oskee Joanne and Oskee pose in front of Foellinger Auditorium with a Petsmart toy (she knows someone important there, but I can't remember who!) Sorry, no LOLdog comments here. Oskee

Holly Birch Photography is available for pet pictures!!