Parachute Dress Shootout | Senior conceptual photo session


At the Reset Conference in early March, I signed up to participate in a shootout with two teen models wearing parachute dresses.  The skirts were literally made from parachutes that our shootout leader and organizer Sarah Jane had purchased online.  I thought the effect was really cool and would love to do another one of these sometime.  The shootout also challenged me to think outside the box a bit more when planning my senior session offerings.  The parachute dress idea would be great for a conceptual session perk for senior model reps.  I'm going to be brainstorming ideas for my future reps and clients to add even more value to their senior picture experience! In the midst of the shootout, I also did a few behind-the-scenes photos, so watch for those too!

photography workshop shootout with Sarah Jane Photography pink and green parachute dressescommunity over competition city girl senior session with skyline billowing parachute dress photo session


senior girl power pose with huge dress train parachute dress senior session on monument steps

We only had a few flash triggers to go around and they were all for Canon and I'm Nikon, so the off-camera flash ones below were ones I took with Sarah's camera.  I'm so glad she gave us all the chance to do a little OCF with the dresses!

large pink parachute dress images wide angle huge dress train photoshoot off-camera flash parachute concept shoot photos