Personal Project : Champaign-Urbana Flash Photographer


Last year, I took some photos for a personal project that was to be part of a larger group project for the Central Illinois Professional Photographers of America (CILPPA). The item to be used in the photos was a vintage-looking pocket watch, and my immediate idea was to photograph a guy in a suit just around sunset. I secured a male model fairly easily (he actually had an uncredited role in Legally Blonde 2!), and he met up with me and my sister, who served as my voice-activated light (VAL) assistant for the evening. I love how several of them turned out, and wish we'd have even started just a tiny bit later. The one with the car headlights was actually the last setup we did, and it is probably my favorite. I'm looking forward to doing more dusk/evening shooting this year to make some cool images (HS seniors, anyone?? :)). **NEWSFLASH** I still have several great fall wedding dates still open in September, October and even November! BOOK TODAY!

lighting, dusk, sunset, headlights, suit, pocket watch, conceptual, personal project